mix love

$ 150

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$ 100

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mini pinks

$ 90

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big spender

$ 93

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100 roses

100 Roses

$ 210

Roses are classic, timeless and loved by all so what about simple yet lavish 100 roses ?

50 white Roses blossm blossom qatar

50 Roses

$ 123

The best offer so far in flowers. Guaranteed. Contact us for available colors / verities.

white bridal hydrangea bouquet

Three Types Mixed

$ 108

Three types of flower mixed. Cleaned and treated as it comes to you and all you have to do is to place it on your vase or gift as it is.

10 Liliums

12 Liliums

$ 70

Either for your workplace or home this is a perfect life brightener. Just grab a bunch. Comes along with some green foliage to highlight the flowers.

vase flowers

Event Ready

$ 40

Running out of time? Ready to place floral arrangements for your event is here. Contact our customer service to custom your product.